• Introduction to Rewards

    Welcome to the Rewards FAQ. Here on Cafe Points we provide a selection of cheap products for users to get verified. We provide this service to the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. For international members we do not list individual rewards but instead provide links to merchants with free international shipping.

    Although we could potentially fill each page with hundreds of items we instead choose to only list items of 'value' or novelty items. We purposefully keep the lists small with either remarkably cheap or fun/useful items such as Toys, accessories, tools etc. We don't list stuff such as phone chargers, phone cases (Unless the phone is popular) and stuff like watch batteries, they are cheap that is true but they are not unique and very few users are probably interested in them. Of course you can always search Amazon/Points2shop for any niche items. Our lists are simply suggestions.

    Rewards Basics and Our Guidelines
    • Fun and Unique products
    • From trusted merchants!
    • Always Under 250 Points with shipping included!
  • How to Order

    Ordering a reward through Cafe Points is super simple and easy.

    To order a Reward
    • Visit a Rewards Page (UK/US/CA)
    • Browse the Rewards
    • Click anywhere but the image to see the Reward on Points2shop
    • Choose a Merchant and Add to Cart.
    • Review your order then click "Purchase Rewards with your Points"
  • Approval Times

    Approval times for orders is usually 1-3 business days (Monday - Friday). Orders are not usually approved on weekends and other public holidays. Also please note that approval times can be longer during busier periods such as Summer Break and Christmas. Once your order approves you will be upgraded to Bronze honour, possibly higher if you have met other requirements.

    Approval Time Basics
    • 1-3 Business Days to process.
    • Not processed on Weekends/Public Holidays.
    • Upgraded to Bronze (or higher) upon Approval.
  • International Rewards

    We choose not to list International rewards due to the large number of countries which would need to be listed. Instead we provide quick links to Merchants with FREE international shipping so you can browse their selection and choose something of interest. You may also like to check out lists other users have made. You will need to place a Manual Order which you can learn more about below.

    Placing a Manual Order
    • Open a New Ticket and choose Category "Manual Amazon Order.
    • Include the following information: URL, Merchant, Item Cost, Shipping Cost (if any) and finally a maximum you are willing to pay
    • Once completed simply send the ticket.
    • You should receive a responce within 3-9 Days.

    Note: Manual Order Tickets are not high priority therefore the average response time may be higher than what is quoted on Points2shop..