Beginner Tips

Increase your approval rate by following these simple tips. For an more detailed guide and explanation on why you should do the following please read Beginners Tips on Points2shop. You can also check out our more detailed guides on this page.

General Offer Tips
  • Clear Cookies / Cache
  • Create new emails often
  • Give real information that is your own
  • Completing a Trial? Read the Terms and Conditions carefully BEFORE entering any card/payment details
  • Take your time on Surveys. Never rush.
General App Tips
  • Enable Cookies on your device (Read our "App Downloads" Guide for help on doing this)
  • Clearing Cookies / Cache can also apply to mobile devices!
  • Compare the Payout of apps across the various providers, some will only pay once so make sure to do the highest paying one
  • Keep the app installed and use it for a little while. Some take time to approve

As mentioned these are only quick tips, if you want an explanation for why you should do the above then please check out our guides.