Daily Surveys

Daily surveys are a fantastic way to gain Points or cash daily on Points2shop since they are also among the highest paying (and highest approving) offers  you can complete. They are very straight forward, all you need to do is enter some minor details and an email into a form. The survey site will then redirect you to a suitable survey. However once you get into a survey you are not always guaranteed to be a perfect match and can still be disqualified. But don't worry, the surveys will generally always have more surveys for you to try.
NOTE: In order to get Approved for any survey you must complete any survey in full and reach a congratulations page. You will NOT be approved if you are disqualified.

Tips for Daily Surveys
  • Use new emails every couple days or every few offers, this will increase your chance of getting a survey.
  • As with all offers, clearing cookies can be incredibly helpful.
  • Be honest! Do not lie on daily surveys and don't click the same option all the time (such as "Don't know" for every question). Be thoughtful with your answers. If the survey is asking for your thought on a topic then be truthful. Also make sure that your replies are long enough since an extremely short reply could get you kicked from the survey.
  • Tick any boxes that apply to you (i.e: Do you play videogames?)
  • Take your time on surveys, do NOT rush through the questions, many Daily Surveys will not approve you if you finish too fast (usually under 5 minutes). Wait on the final page if you have to.