Download Offers

Download offers are some of the most risky type of offers to complete. The obvious reason being that downloads can contain all sorts of adware/viruses/spyware or change your settings such as installing apps and changing your home page. But if you complete these offers correctly and take the right precautions then downloads can become a very easy method of gaining Points or Cash. TOP TIP: Don't want to get any viruses? Just download and use a program called Sandboxie. Sandboxie will isolate your downloads so that they can be installed safely and without risking your system. Visit the Sandboxie website for more information.

Tips for Download Offers 
  • It always helps to research the software before downloading, this will give an insight into other peoples opinions of the product and whether or not the download is safe.
  • Don't just click rapidly through the install process, software downloads will often installs other programs and install toolbars if you don't uncheck the boxes.
  • Once the software is downloaded you should use the software a little so that you have a higher chance of getting approved.
  • Once the offer has approved you are free to uninstall the software if you do not want it.