Manual Offers

Posting Proof/Testimonial

When you view your order (Spend Points > Status of Orders) you should see a link called "View Order", click this link and you will be taken to the order details page. On the order details page you will find a button to "LINK PROOF PICTURE TO THIS ITEM" select this button to be taken to the testimonial form.  For every testimonial you submit you will get a small incentive of $0.10 if the value of the item is over $5/500 Points. For more information on what is needed in the testimonial just look below.

  • Get all your items that came with your product in the picture - Include a piece of paper that says "Thanks Point2shop!” And your username.
  • You may want to use the same picture in your Lights Camera POINTS offer video or other promotional content such as websites and blogs.
  • If you got a letter with your prize from Points2Shop, include this in your photo too.
  • Your testimonial text must detail the item you received and how you earned it. Simply talk about your time on the site, the type of offers you completed and what you think of points2shop. The longer the better.

Lights, Camera, POINTS! (Make a Video about points2shop)

  • As with proof, give them your username you used on Youtube, and paste your Youtube link to your video in the email part of the offer submission box.
  • Show of the items that you have earned and items that other members have earned (ask permission first). Also include lots of captions or do a voice over.
  • Make the video a fair length, a few minutes at least should do.
  • Use capture software or a good camera to show of the Points2shop website, give your viewers a quick tour of the website to show them how many ways there are to earn.
  • Include a good description which includes your referral link.
  • Be patient when waiting for approval, it can take a while for the offer admin to view and approve your offer.