Path Offers

Path offers are some of the most notoriously long offers you can complete, they will usually contain a lot of pages of just advertisements and include a section to complete Silver/Gold/Platinum offers at the end. They are also some of the worst approving offers but that doesn't mean they are not worth the effort since the payout is above average. TOP TIP: Did you know that the Silver/Gold/Platinum offers at the end do not need to be completed? All you need to do a click and open the offers for it to count.

Step 1: Enter your details

The first page you will almost always encounter is the details page (or a page to choose a product) Simply enter your details into this page and click whatever button to continue with the offer. You should always use a NEW email on these offers .

Step 2: The offer path

Now onto the section that give these offers their name, the path. This section will usually start of with a couple full screen offers, these offers can always be skipped so be on the look out for a "Skip" or "Pass" button. Next up will be the offer lists, on this page its best to check a few of the offers since it helps approval. Once you have selected a couple offers and continued you may notice that those offers will now be presented to you as full screen offers, but like the first few offers these can be skipped. The offer process may repeat for a couple pages so just keep at it.

Step 3: Silver/Gold/Platinum Section

Now we arrive at the final section of the offer which contains the Silver/Gold/Platinum offers. Many members mistaken believe that they need to complete these offers but I can assure you that you do not,  in fact to get approved all you need to is open the offers. So if you need to complete 2 Silver offers then you would click and open 2 Offers (or 3 if you want to be on the safe side). Repeat this on the next few pages and the offer is complete! But before you hurry off and Mark As Compete you should wait around 10 minutes to make sure the offer has registered the offers you opened.