Trial & Paid Offers

This guide will teach you some tricks that can even get you to make a profit without even returning the product. (Don’t return the product by the way!) So this will give you some tips to help you and increase your chances of approval on the paid offers and trials.
IMPORTANT: You must be interested in receiving the service/product the site offers. Offers are never guaranteed to approve so you may end up spending money and not getting Points for it. The Points you MAY get is simply a bonus for joining/using a service you are interested in!
The one thing you should do before you start a paid offer is check weather the points are worth the cost, you should only ever complete paid/trial offers that you have an interest it, or offers which have a proven track record for paying. Below are some general pointers which you can follow to get more from your Paid/Trial offer.

  • If you are on an air miles (Or similar Rewards For Purchase Program) (RFPP) you should be able to claim them on a paid offer. (Making it even more worth it.)
  • If you pay and never receive points, you can file a ticket (For Points2shop offers only) or contact the external provider company (TrialPay, Matomy etc) to MAYBE get approved (You MUST have proof of payment)
  • Give it time to credit! High paying offers have more security checks so approval could take up to a month.
  • Many offers require you to use the service a little, such as using their software or make use of the subscription, Most offers give you plenty of time to use the product for free so make use of it. If you cancel too soon or return the product then you could have your earnings revoked!