• Introduction to International Orders

    The term International refers to anyone located outside of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Getting verified as an international members can be difficult since Points2shop are either not able to order from your local Amazon website (If available) or shipping to you location is simply too expensive. Unfortunately here on Cafe Points we don't list individual rewards for international members but don't worry, we have something slightly better for you.

    Rather than listing individual rewards we instead choose to point you towards Merchants on Amazon.com who have free or cheap worldwide shipping. You can find out current list of under "Merchants" in the left menu. You can also find information on how to place a manual order and what additional steps you need to do to be fully verified.

  • Placing a Manual Order

    Placing a manual order is very easy. All you need is the basic information for the item you are ordering. Its important that you include all the information required. Although to be certain of your order being a success you can also choose multiple merchants and set a maximum you are willing to spend.

    To place a manual order simply follow the steps below.

    • Open a New Ticket and choose Category "Manual Amazon Order.
    • Include the following information: URL, Merchant, Item Cost, Shipping Cost (if any) and finally a maximum you are willing to pay.
    • Once completed simply send the ticket.
    • You should receive a response within 3-9 Days.
  • Finally Getting Verified

    After you have placed an order all you need to do is wait for your order confirmation (Usually in the form of a ticket reply) and then wait for your successful order to be delivered. Based on your location and the location of the merchant shipping times can greatly vary but we generally estimate that international orders should take 3-8 weeks. If you end up waiting more than 8 weeks then please Send a Ticket.

    Once you have received your order you must take a proof photo. Details on what you should include are below.

    Proof Photo Requirements
    • Must clearly show the product
    • Must include your username (Write it on paper)
    • Usernames added by photo editing tools will not be accepted.
    • You can however cover or edit out any personal/sensitive information.

    Upload the photo to a personal imaging site (Photobucket for example) and obtain the photo URL. Then simply send a ticket using a title such as "Proof photo to get verified" and include a link to the photo. After a short while you will be upgraded to verified and rank up to at least Bronze level. Congratulations!