Qmee is a website that I have been using for the past couple of months. The way it works is simple: When browsing Amazon, Google or Ebay you will randomly see product links based on your searches. You can the choose to click these links and get a cash incentive. The only catch is that you should only click links that interest you, spamming searching and clicking every product link is a no-no. It will not make you rich quick but over the months it can earn you a nice bit of cash which can be withdrawn to PayPal or donated to charity. The best part is there is NO minimum for withdrawal!

Why Join Qmee
  • Easy cash when browsing the web!
  • No minimum withdrawal to PayPal!
  • Donate to charity!
  • Earn 10 Points when you complete the P2S Qmee offer! (Silver+ only)
How to Join

If you are Silver+ honour you can join Qmee through the Points2shop offer (Link below). If you are under Silver you can still join using the direct link and then "complete" the P2S offer later. To complete the P2S offer all you need to do is enter the confirmation Email. So join now and save the email, then when you get silver simply visit the offer and "Confirm Participation". You do not have to sign up again..

Join Qmee Directly or Join Qmee through P2S

Earn 40 Points if you get paid from Qmee! All you need to do is make a withdrawal to PayPal which is super easy and quick. Please note this offer is only available to Gold+ members, but like the above offer you can complete it early and then claim when you are Gold Level.

Claim Bonus Points